The Chance of Rain Goes Up This Coming Week

Rain Starts Sunday Night and Will Continue Into Next Week

By Devontae Jackson on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at 5:28 PM.

Light showers will move into the area Sunday night. Rain will really pick up between 10 PM and 11 PM. Rain will continue into Monday, and some rain could be moderate to heavy at times.

So, expect some light rain Sunday night. Again, rain will continue into Monday. I have Monday as a high probability of rain. Rain will stick with us for most of the day on Monday as a low-pressure system moves through the area. Rain should begin to taper off Monday night. There is a moderate chance of rain for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here is the quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) for today through Wednesday. This forecast comes from the Weather Prediction Center (WPC). As you can see above, the entire area could see an average of at least 1.50 inches of rain. Some of the area could see 1.75 inches of rain. A small portion of the western county coverage area could see 2 inches of rain. This forecast is the possible amount of rain we could pick up between now and Wednesday. This forecast could change and actual rain totals may differ from what you see above.

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