Two tornadoes confirmed in the area by the National Weather Service from the April 3rd severe weather event

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Tornadoes touchdown in Greene and Clark counties

The National Weather Service has confirmed two tornado touchdowns in the area from April 3, 2018. Both tornadoes was an EF1 tornado on the Fujita scale.

One tornado touchdown in Greene county NNW of Xenia. The tornado hit the town of Beavercreek Township where it caused damage along Ludlow Rd. The tornado headed towards U.S. 68 before moving towards Clifton Rd. The tornado then headed towards State Route 72 south of Clifton before dissipating. Damage from this tornado was documented in other spots as well. No one was hurt in this tornado.

The next tornado was WNW of Selma in Clark County. There was damage as this tornado traveled along Selma Pike. Damage was observed as far as Clifton Rd. The National Weather Service says “no additional damage was observed further east along Clifton Road and within South Charleston.” No one was hurt in this tornado as well.

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